Scanfreight øker kapasiteten på lager og 3PL - Scanfreight AS

Scanfreight increases capacity in warehouse and 3PL

Due to a large increase in the volume of stock and a steady increase in demand for warehouse space and logistics services, we are now expanding our storage capacity, and moving parts of our warehouse and 3PL operations from our main facility in Vinterbro to Vestby.

At Støttumveien 7 in Vestby, we have gained access to 2,700 m2 of additional warehouse space to relieve terminal operations.

Those of our existing warehouse customers at Vinterbro who will be affected by the move will be informed.

With this expansion, we have the opportunity to offer increased storage capacity to existing and new customers.

Feel free to contact one of us for a chat about your need for warehouse and logistics services:

Sales and marketing manager, Daniel B. Jensen:
Telephone: 465 05 044

General manager, Bente Huse:
Telephone: 957 07 009