Prisjustering fra 01.01.2022 - Scanfreight AS

Price adjustment from 1. January 2024

We at Scanfreight AS would like to thank all customers for their cooperation in 2023.

The past year has been characterised by substantial cost increases. High inflation, interest rate hikes and a continued severe shortage of drivers are among the reasons why it has become very costly to operate in transport. We have done our utmost to maintain good service and competitive prices throughout the year. In order to continue to deliver good service and further develop as a total supplier for our customers, we now unfortunately have to adjust our prices in line with the market for our services with effect from 1. January 2024.

Price adjustment from 1. January 2024

  • Warehouse rent and handling: +6.3%
  • Customs clearance services: +4.4%
  • Transport inland: +5.6%
  • Transport abroad: +2.5%

Please contact yours truly if there are any questions about the adjustment, or if there is anything else we can assist with.

We also with you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and look forward to continued good cooperation in 2024.

Scanfreight AS

Bente E. Huse
General Manager

Ph: +47 957 07 009